What We Provide


Teach 4 Detroit offers its students customized tutoring solutions. We’ll start with an assessment to gauge where a student currently stands. Based on the assessment and the student’s goals, we’ll write a curriculum tailored to his or her needs.

Additionally, students learn in different ways. Far too often, students that don’t understand things mistakenly think they’re not smart; but that’s not true. We customize our coaching to each student’s individual learning style.


Teach 4 Detroit provides workshop sessions for students and their parents. These programs aim to provide knowledge and build skills. Some examples of sessions include:

  • College application essay writing and guidance
  • Financial education to avoid being taken advantage of or pushed into unnecessary debt.
  • Time management tips for comprehensive academic planning – every class, every extracurricular activity, etc. organized to fit the student in an achievable way.
  • Other sessions to produce well-rounded individuals.

These sessions take place during our Weekends @ Wayne State. Stay tuned to our workshop calendar to see when workshops will occur.

Career Advice and Guidance

Teach 4 Detroit gives its students real-world exposure to various careers so that students can see what people in those occupations really do. This way, students can make a more educated decision about their career choices, and they won’t eliminate rewarding career choices based on preconceptions they may have.

We also offer information on how to enter those careers, including access to apprenticeships, real-world experience and certifications in fields like healthcare, skilled trades, and engineering while in high school. Having these types of experiences in high school means our students won’t have to take minimum wage jobs if they decide to work while in college.

In order to stay competitive for these careers, Teach 4 Detroit gives students advice and guidance during classes and corrective guidance to keep GPAs high and competitive for the best colleges and programs.