It’s all for you! If you are an eligible student in Detroit, you are welcome to take advantage of our free program. Whether you are looking for some extra help with schoolwork, or want a personalized roadmap to getting into a good university- we are here to help! Stay tuned to our website for upcoming meeting times and event details.

Individualized Tutoring

Everyone is different. People learn in different ways. Students who take part in our program will receive an individual assessment to find out how they learn best, and our services will be custom tailored to helping you reach your maximum potential.

Career Services

The ultimate goal of getting an education is securing a good career. Teach 4 Detroit will help you learn about what types of careers are available, and help ensure that your goals will be achieved.

Financial Education

Higher education is expensive. You shouldn’t have to constantly worry about money. That’s why Teach 4 Detroit will show you how to effectively manage your finances as well as learn how to take advantage of various opportunities available- such as scholarships and grants.


School is more than just hitting the books. Teach 4 Detroit will host a variety of events throughout the year aimed at gaining knowledge and skill building. Workshops will include events such as: guest speakers, field trips, computer skills training, and more.

Test Prep

An important and, sometimes, intimidating part of applying to college is taking standardized tests. Not all students can afford specialized courses for the SAT or ACT. At Teach 4 Detroit, we will provide you free test prep that will be sure to get you ahead.