Information for Parents

We believe that every child deserves the opportunity to reach their goals and achieve their dreams. Unfortunately, too often, many bright students coming from underprivileged communities do not have access to the resources and guidance they need. With that in mind, Teach 4 Detroit provides our unique services to students to help bridge the gap between aspiration and accomplishment. Below you will find out more about what we offer in our free programs, registration information, and how you can help.

What We Do

We are much more than just a tutoring program. We are a complete guidance program. We aim to offer underprivileged students specialized services that they would otherwise be unable to obtain. Please look at our programs to see an overview of what we have to offer.

Learning starts at home. As much as we offer, it is up to the students to follow and maintain their particular plan. Parental guidance is an invaluable advantage to a student’s success. Teach 4 Detroit will be holding parent specific meetings to give as well as receive input pertaining to our program.

Also please understand that in order for us to effectively help, we want all students to choose to come to Teach 4 Detroit. We reserve the option to contact parents if their child is disruptive.

How Do I Register My Student?

If your child would like to take advantage of our program, please contact us to register your interest. We will be adding an online registration system and downloadable forms soon.

How You Can Help

We can always use some help! Teach 4 Detroit is a completely free program. As such, we are always looking for help and volunteers. Parent involvement is second to none. If you are interested in helping, please get in touch!