Who is eligible?

Teach 4 Detroit is aimed at helping Detroit students get ahead and achieve success. Our current focus is on high school and our programs are open to all Detroit Public Schools students. Students are encouraged to take advantage of our offerings.

Am I eligible to volunteer?

The majority of our volunteers are undergraduate and graduate students from universities across the Michigan. We ask that, at a minimum, you are a college student. If you are interested in volunteering please fill out an application form.

What is the time commitment involved in volunteering?

Your schedule is based on your free time/availability. At a minimum, we ask our volunteers to commit an hour a week. If you are unable to tutor during the week, you can choose to volunteer during our Weekends at Wayne State sessions.

Where will sessions occur?

During the week, tutoring and mentoring takes place at the Academy of Math, Science and Technology at Osborn as well as the Academy of Medicine and Community Health at Cody. Specifics about days and times at each school can be found here. Weekend sessions are open to all students and generally run from 10am until 2:30pm 

I would like to tutor during the week, but I don't have a vehicle. Is there transportation for volunteers?

Teach 4 Detroit has become a member of ZipCar, and will reimburse costs for volunteers to attend sessions. If you would like more information about how to sign up or how to be added to the Teach 4 Detroit account, please contact us.  

Where do weekend sessions occur?

Weekend at Wayne State sessions will occur on the campus of Wayne State University. Stay tuned to Weekends @ Wayne State page for details.

Is transportation provided for Students?

Yes, transportation is provided for some students. Specifically, to students of Osborn Academy. As we expand our program and partner with more schools, we will work to provide transportation for more students. If you have ideas about how to make our program more accessible to students, please get in touch.

Can anyone attend weekend sessions?

Yes. All public high school students are eligible to attend Weekends @ Wayne State. Please visit our workshop calendar for details regarding how to sign up.